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Noise protection: soundproof cabins

hluk2In cooperation with Füchtenkötter company we offer noise control elements and cabins for industrial operations.

Safety measures assessment and implementation principles

Safety measures are determined on the basis of risk assessment for noise exposure given by the state of equipment so that harm to staff be avoided or such harm be reduced as much as possible. At the same time it is necessary to to prevent emission noise at the site or reduce it as much as possible.

  • Technical safety measures take precendence over organisation safety measures.
  • Technical or organisation safety measures take precedence over individual safety measures (personal hearing protection).

Compare various noise levels

Noise control elements


  • Noise control systems are produced in 50, 80 a 100 mm thickness.
  • Outer side is made of galvanized steel plate noise reduction elements RAL paint coated.
  • Perforated metal sheet can be found inside either galvanized or RAL paint coated.
  • Noise reduction elements are filled with highly absorbent fire proof mineral wool (rock wool) according to DIN 4102 A2.
  • These elements are self-supporting and if need be fitted with solid profile frame.

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Soundproof cabins

  • Smaller soundproof cabins can be delivered assembled even including the base frame.
  • Larger cabins are assembled at customer’s site.
  • Cabins can be fitted with a variety of additional equipment:
    • Windows
    • Revolving doors (simple or double inclusive of windows)
    • Sliding doors
    • Telescopic doors
    • Service holes with labyrinths
    • Ventilation and exhaust equipment including fans and dedusting units
    • Electric installation (lights, sockets etc.)
    • Safety equipment

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