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About Us



Metallkon Group is a company with many years of tradition in the automation industry. It was founded in 1995 and has been a part of robotics area and pneumatic tools and equipment ever since. In the beginning of 2015 we have renewed our operation and enlarged our field of activity thanks to new partnerships with similarly focused companies in Germany. Metallkon Group’s headquarters is in Olomouc, however our offices are located at a Production plant in Litovel in the grounds of N.F.I. Metall company. Metallkon Group is currently focused on several areas of industrial production.


Laser and robot applications

We supply safety equipment for laser applications – safety features for laser cells, particularly safety doors and windows in cooperation with our German partner company IBS, as well as the active and passive laser cells in cooperation with German company Füchtenkötter. Within robotics we supply robot welding units and accessories for robot and manual welding – welding torch cleaners.

Equipment for industrial workplaces

We supply equipment for industrial operations – we provide complete solutions of safety requirements for industrial workplaces according to customer’s demands including surveys and studies to remove harmful factors. Customers may turn to us with requests for dust reducing equipment in work environment, related to welding, painting and other production and montage activities. We focus on individual solutions of exhaustion and filtration. We draw from wide experience of our partner company Füchtenkötter which has been succesfully implementing industrial air filtration for many years. Aside from air treatment equipment we also provide technologies for noise reduction in industrial operations – soundproof walls and cabins.


Tools and Equipment

Metallkon is an exclusive representative of German companies MH-TEC and Reuss, leading German producers of pneumatic tools and motors.


As the only acknowledged company in the Czech Republic we offer our customers authorized service of our partner companies‘ products and equipment.